Nicola Jarvis Loveday Epic Crewel Work project

Stitching heaven!!! At least it was when I started the second petal of the apple blossom. What I find really difficult is comfortably accessing the petal on my slate frame. I had to unpick the first layer of pale pink as I had got the stitch perspective wrong. But, stitching on such a large frame and making sure the stitch direction is pointing towards the centre of the blossom is challenging. So, I rotated the frame twice and that helped a bit. But, in the end I stood up and sewed so I could see everything clearly. This won’t be for everyone, and I am not it is for me either. Took me a while to stand up straight afterwards. I will work it out eventually. Still, it was an hour of stitching bliss.

Daily weekday needlepoint sampler using the stitch templates provided by Sheree Lantz in her ‘A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas’.’

This is my third sampler from page 92. Mrs Lantz refers firstly to the group: Mosaics. Then the stitch: a flat stitch. She states the source design is 13th century mosaic pavement from the Baptistry at Florence. The design is also found in Franco-Flemish embroidery, again taking inspiration from pavement design.

It’s been difficult to source internet images of the marble mosaic pavement floor at the Baptistry. I have some old photographs of the floor taken in 1988 by my then partner, Mark, but they are not in a media that can easily be uploaded. Lynne Rutter, on her website,, has some very good photographs of the marble mosaic pavement that are crystal clear, though light levels would probably have been very low when taken. I have asked for permission to share these on my blog. I hope to take my own photographs when I visit Florence in December 2018.

Mrs Lantz also indicates that the stitch sampler template below is in use today by American quilters – the Flying Geese. (You can see a nice example of a Flying Geese quilt in The Book of Little Quilts by Katherine Guerrier, page 8. (Purchased Barter Books, Alnwick, in 2015)

Though the sampler is not perfect, my French Knots are a bit irregular, it will hopefully provide a reasonable idea of what the completed stitch looks like.