Nicola Jarvis Loveday Epic Crewel Work project

Stitching heaven!!! At least it was when I started the second petal of the apple blossom. What I find really difficult is comfortably accessing the petal on my slate frame. I had to unpick the first layer of pale pink as I had got the stitch perspective wrong. But, stitching on such a large frame and making sure the stitch direction is pointing towards the centre of the blossom is challenging. So, I rotated the frame twice and that helped a bit. But, in the end I stood up and sewed so I could see everything clearly. This won’t be for everyone, and I am not it is for me either. Took me a while to stand up straight afterwards. I will work it out eventually. Still, it was an hour of stitching bliss.

One thought on “Nicola Jarvis Loveday Epic Crewel Work project

  1. I find I have similar problems when using the large slate frames and am always shifting them around on the trestles – I am not sure standing would work for me as my neck and back would probably seize up in that position!

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