Mrs Lantz refers firstly to the group: Mosaics. Then the stitch: a flat. The pattern includes a Filler stitch, the Upright Cross. Refer to page 95.

This is my sixth sampler. I’ve used three shades of 2-ply Appletons crewel wool. I feel my interpretation edges towards softness because the wool thickness is delicate, almost ghost-like, giving rise to feint movement perhaps? Maybe my overactive imagination.

I think my artistic presentation could be better though! Having trouble with formatting tonight.

Mrs Lantz refers to the design sources as follows:

1. Wall design from the Wilton Diptych (1380), held at the National Gallery.

2. Hugo van der Goes painting, 15th century, in reverse shading (Kaiser Friedrich Museum). She does not identify which painting includes the design. I will do some research and upload if able.

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