Progress with Nicola Jarvis Loveday Epic Crewel Work Sampler

The Apple Blossom:

Have really loved embroidering this motif. We started the apple blossom during the course at Hampton Court Palace in August. However, sat at home by myself in Berwick upon Tweed, things have not always been plain sailing! Though I’ve enjoyed every minute, there have been mistakes a plenty and lots of cursing!!!

I thought about removing them. But, because I have to look at them every time I sit down at my frame, they spur me on to do better and avoid making the same mistakes again. So, if I was to give myself advice, what would I say:

1. Always read the instructions carefully…should go without saying, but when you worked all day, are tired and have back ache….

2. Always split stitch the outer edges of the petals as this really makes the blossoms stand proud. I forgot to do this for one of the blossoms because I was listening to Star Trek Voyager!

3. Keep your thread length as short as you can bear, because if you don’t, your thread will be worn bare by the time it runs out and your stitching will look uneven, as mine does in places.

4. Vary your long and short stitch lengths randomly and try to avoid overlapping your threads as you lay your stitches down. You will avoid my unwanted raised surfaces.

5. Think before you stitch. What effect do you want to achieve and, if you place your thread in a particular position, and in a certain direction, will you be happy with the end result

What next, the tree trunk in stem stitch.


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