Once weekly needlepoint sampler using the stitch templates provided by Sheree Lantz in her ‘A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas’

Mrs Lantz refers firstly to the group: Mosaics. Then the stitch: a flat. The design she states is medieval mosaic. The source inspiration for the design can be found at Sienna Cathedral. Mrs Lantz tells us that the ‘diagonal bars are slightly narrower, otherwise the sampler square duplicates the pattern.’ Refer to page 96.

Though I cannot source the exact pattern, Sailko’s photograph, taken in October 2011, gives a flavour of the rich and intricate patterning on the walls, ceiling and floors of the Cathedra. In December 2017, I intend to spend some time actually sourcing this pattern myself.

This is my seventh sampler. I’ve used two shades of 2-ply Appletons crewel wool.

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