Nicola Jarvis Epic Loveday Crewel Work project

Oak tree, trunk and branches and ivy tendrils:

Over the past three weeks, I’ve spent my evenings stem stitching parts of the trunk, branches and tendrils. It’s a stitch where you find your own rhythm and stitch length. I love the focus and discipline needed to do so much stem stitch all in one go. It brings peace as well as building my tree of Loveday of course.

A chance sighting of a robin redbreast in my neighbour’s garden last weekend focussed my attention on Mr Robin. So, I started his under belly in soft shades of brown. I’m beginning to feel more confident with my long and short shading, but still a long way to go. Satin stitch and graduating satin stitch remain my nemeses, but practice is leading to improvement!


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