Left Behind!

Packed everything except my Needlework Pageant book! Lost, lost, lost! I imagine I am feeling like Micheal Portillo would if he lost his Bradshaw’s.

So, whilst at home in Winchester this week, I thought I would try something different. I’ve always been interested in Florentine Bargello work. It’s something about the setting out of flat wool stitches in a mathematical pattern, which never really reveals itself until you’ve given up two to three hours of your time stitching.

I think it is really amazing how so many books, samplers, patterns, techniques have evolved from a series of chairs that can be found in the Bargello Palace in Florence. (A flame stitch pattern.)

The small sampler I’ve stitched takes inspiration from a piece stitched by Elsy965 (Flickr). This is my best effort with the limited range of crewel wool I brought down in my suitcase. Loved doing it, but could have done without Danielle Steele playing in the background!

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