L’Heure de Calluna, An Epic Silk and Metal Embroidery project, by Nicola Jarvis. The Alpine Experience

Last summer, I had the privilege to join a class led by Nicola in Les Carroz in the French Alps. The project was to stitch a sampler, on printed silk dupion, using Au Ver a Soie silk threads, metallic threads, beads and sequins. This is my journey completing this sampler. I met some great fellow stitchers, who made for fantastic company.

Will of Matilda, Queen to William the Conqueror, Needlework Bequest (d.1082) (Will, 1083)

“I give to the Abbey of the Holy Trinity my tunic worked at Winchester by Alderet’s wife, and the mantle embroidered with gold, which is in my chamber, to make a cope. Of my two golden girdles, I give that which is ornamented with emblems for the purpose of suspending the lamp before the great altar.”

Jen Goodwin’s Blackwork Peacock, Winchester project

When I’m in Winchester, it’s helpful to have a project I can work on that I can leave there, rather than having to bring a frame and threads with me each time!

My new go-to project is a Jen Goodwin blackwork design, small enough to comfortably sit in a hoop! No lacing💋😊 Easy to travel with on the plane.

King Athelstan, 934, gift of cloths, vestments and tapestries

In 933, King Athelstan gifted the shrine of St Cuthert many wonderful treasures. Included below are those that relate to Needlework.

  1. Two chasubles.
  2. An alb.
  3. A stole with a maniple.
  4. A belt.
  5. Three altar cloths.
  6. Three hangings.
  7. Three tapestries.

(St Cuthbert and the Normans: The Church of Durham 1071-1153) William M Aird